a Louis Tr├ębuchet website
a project for a shared masonic e-library
This project aims at gathering, on a free sharing basis, as much as possible e-books documents or communications, free of any copyright,  dealing with freemasonry, in order to make them available for free downloading to any interested people, brother or not.

You will be able to browse the library by title or author for books, documents or communications, or use the search engine, for a free download. You might also upload for the community such books, documents or communications, that are free of any copyright, subject to an a-posteriori check by the webmaster.

Enjoy it !                                                                             Louis TREBUCHET
Masoniclib checks the adequation of each document with the projet
but the sole author is commited by the content of a communication
Our project goals

Dec 16th, 2019

As of today
856 books
468 communications
129 documents
234 contributors
have uploaded
their share
of the project

to masoniclib